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Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later



At Direct Furniture, we have a wide range of eligible furniture items for Afterpay, including bed frames, mattresses, and sofa beds. Afterpay is a convenient way to manage your finances and spread out the cost of a purchase over time without interest charges.
Visit one of our two showroom located at 3 Munt Street, Bayswater or  2/11-13 Saltaire Way, Port Kennedy today!

Please note that Afterpay is not a service provided by Direct Furniture. It is a facility provided by Afterpay Australia Pty Ltd.

Afterpay is a service that lets you buy things and pay for them in installments over time. It's a good option if you want to make a purchase now but don't have all the money upfront.

How Does Afterpay Work?

Here's how it works: You can choose furniture items from Direct Furniture’s online website and select Afterpay as your payment method instore (small surcharge applies - please see in store for more details). Afterpay pays the full amount for your purchase upfront, and then you can pay Afterpay back in four interest-free installments over six weeks. The payments will be automatically deducted from your linked debit or credit card on the due dates.

Who is Eligible to Use Afterpay?

To use Afterpay, you need to be an Australian resident over 18 years old with a valid debit or credit card, email address, and mobile phone number. To open an Afterpay account, sign up through Afterpay’s website or app and link your card. Afterpay will conduct a credit check to determine your spending limits.

Things to Consider Whilst Using Afterpay

When using Afterpay, it is important to keep a few things in mind: Make sure you can afford the repayments by reviewing your budget. The payments will be automatically deducted, so ensure you have enough funds in your account. Missing a payment can result in late fees, so stay on top of your payment schedule. While Afterpay offers an interest-free period, not paying on time may lead to interest charges, so understand the terms and conditions.

How do you contact Afterpay?

If you need to contact Afterpay, you can visit their website, use their app, email them, call their customer service line, or reach out on their social media.

To find out more about Afterpay, visit